No-Li Brewhouse, stay strong together community support program.

1,100 meals and $40K – No-Li Brewhouse thanks its community


It seems like a lifetime ago, but it has only been five weeks since I told you about what No-Li Brewhouse was doing over in Spokane to help feed people during a then-emerging crisis (read it). At the time, No-Li and its community partners were working to raise funds and feed kids and families in need.

No-Li Brewhouse recently announced that along with making and providing 1,100 meals the effort has raised $40,000. “We believe in the human spirit that endures in the most difficult of times,” said a statement from No-Li Brewhouse. “We are thankful to so many who pulled together in their communities and gave of their energy, time, compassion and monies.”

The statement continues, “It is the leaders of Big Table, Spokane Food Fighters, Logan Elementary, Rep. Marcus Riccelli, Ultimate Bagel, Zome Design, and hands-on No-Li staff.  It is each member of our community that makes the time to reach out.  Together, WE ARE COMMUNITY!”

According to Avont Grant, the Chef at No-Li Chef Brewhouse, “Together we raised over $40,000 and the No-Li Kitchen rallied to create over 1,100 nutritious and hand-packed meals. This is the spirit of community. These funds go directly to providing daily nutritious meals and financial support to those on the fringes.”



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