2009 Review – Life, liberty and the pursuit of good beer

Ye Old Beer Cruiser in Chilliwack, BC

UPDATE: We have named a winner in our Facebook contest. Lorraine -a.k.a. the Beveridge Place Beer Goddess- was the very first person to guess and she got it exactly right. Behold the awesome power of Lorraine. This was not rigged. It kind of freaks me out, actually. She’s got powers, or something. The complete list of breweries is below.

We put a lot of miles on the Washington Beer Cruiser in 2009. From Whistler, BC to Milton-Freewater, OR, we crossed borders and visited exotic lands. From Neah Bay to Walla Walla, we traveled interstates and back roads to meet interesting people and drink beer with them. We’d be lying if we said that the purpose of each adventure was the pursuit of good beer, but wherever we go we seem to find a way to make it about beer.

I just did some math and the total for 2009  is somewhere around 3,400 miles. That’s a conservative estimate and does not include a lot of local trips to places like Mukilteo, Tacoma, and Snoqualmie. Along the way we visited a total of 42 breweries. We wrote about many of them here on the Washington Beer Blog.

Here is the list of the breweries we visited in 2009:

  1. 7 Seas Brewing
  2. Alpine Brewing
  3. Baron Brewing
  4. Big Al Brewing
  5. Big Horse Brewing
  6. Big Time Brewing
  7. Black Raven
  8. Boundary Bay Brewing
  9. Cashmere Brewing
  10. Chuckanut Brewing
  11. Diamond Knot Brewing
  12. Dick’s Brewing
  13. Double Mountain Brewing
  14. Elliott Bay Brewing
  15. Everybody’s Brewing
  16. Flyers Brewing
  17. Full Sail Brewing
  18. Georgetown Brewing
  19. Grove Street Brewing
  20. Iron Horse Brewing
  21. Naked City Brewing
  22. North Fork Brewing
  23. Old York Brewing
  24. Pike Brewing
  25. Port Townsend Brewing
  26. Ram Brewing U Village
  27. Rock Bottom Brewing Bellevue
  28. Roslyn Brewing
  29. Salmon Creek Brewing
  30. Schooner Exact Brewing
  31. Silver City Brewing
  32. Skagit River Brewing
  33. Snipes Mountain Brewing
  34. Snoqualmie Falls Brewing
  35. Trade Route Brewing
  36. Two Beers Brewing
  37. Walking Man Brewing
  38. Walla Walla Brewers
  39. Water Street Brewing
  40. Whistler Brewing
  41. Whitstran Brewing
  42. Yakima Craft Brewing

  1. By the way, we’ll publish the complete list of breweries visited in 2009 once we’ve found our winner.