2nd Annual E9 Winter Invitational this Friday


For the second year in a row, Engine House 9 in Tacoma has invited some of their favorite breweries and brewers to be part of its E9 Winter Invitational. The event takes place on Friday, November 17th. Last year the focus was on hoppy pale ales. This year they decided to focus on lagers. Some of the beers having never been poured in Tacoma.

Here are the participating breweries and the beers:

Holy Mountain Brewing- Second Death Helles
Cloudburst Brewing- Happy Little Clouds Pilsner
Upright Brewing- Engelberg Pilsner
Mahr’s Brau- Mahr’s Mastadon Lager
Silver City Brewing- Wonderland Winter Bock
Heater Allen Brewing- Pilsner
Pacific Brewing- 1897 Pale Lager
E9 Brewery- Larry’s Fresh Hop Lager + Lepus Lager
Highland Park Brewing- T.B.A.

In addition to those beers, the breweries will also bring some special brews as well.

Friday November 17th, 2017 5:00 PM
Engine House No.9 Restaurant and Bar
611 North Pine Street
Tacoma, WA 98406

Facebook event link:

Poster art by Nat Damm





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