5 Right Brewing presents Freshies and Friends, a Fresh Hop Festival


Oct. 1st thru 3rd – Freshies & Friends, a COVID-responsible, ticketed fresh hop beer festival

This is good. People are starting to figure out ways to host beer events and still observe all of the responsible COVID-19 protocols. October 1st thru 3rd, 5 Rights Brewing in Marysville, WA is hosting its annual fresh hop festival, Freshies & Friends, bringing together fresh hop beers from a selection of local breweries (listed below) to serve festival-style alongside their own creations.

It’s a festival, but its a bit different this year, given the circumstances. Normally, events like this at 5 Rights Brewing get rather crowded, so they decided to spread out the event, and the crowd, over three days. It’s a ticketed event, with a set number of tickets available for each day.



There will be plenty of space for social distancing, both indoor and out, and they are asking all attendees to help them observe the required protocols—wear a mask when away from your table, limit group size, no intermingling, and so on. By now, all of this should be second nature.

  • 10 breweries and 12 different fresh hop beers. Each brewery is bringing one, and 5 Rights is providing the others.
  • Tickets are $22 each and include eight 5-oz tasters and one 22-oz souvenir glass. More taster tickets, as well as full pours, are available for purchase at the event.
  • Purchase ticket by phone: 425-334-1026.
  • Keep an eye on the Facebook events page for event details and updates.

Featuring beers from:

  • Bale Breaker Brewing
  • Crucible Brewing
  • In The Shadows Brewing
  • Reuben’s Brews
  • Single Hill Brewing
  • Skookum Brewing
  • Sound to Summit Brewing
  • Whitewall Brewing
  • Wandering Hop Brewing
  • 5 Rights Brewing