7 Seas Brewing releasing Water Chopper Gose in cans

7 Seas Brewing just announced that the release of its 5th canned beer, Water Chopper Gose. They’ll celebrate the release at the 7 Seas taproom in Gig Harbor this Friday, June 17. Water Chopper joins the company’s can lineup, which also includes Ballz Deep Double IPA, Rude Parrot IPA, Life Jacket Session IPA, and 253 Pilsner.


Tacoma, WA, June 14, 2016 – Beer production has officially begun at 7 Seas Brewing’s new facility in Tacoma with the release of their new Water Chopper Gose. The newest of 7 Seas Brewing’s five canned offerings, Water Chopper Gose, will be available beginning June 17, 2016 throughout Washington State.

Alongside 7 Seas other canned brews: 253 Pilsner, Rude Parrot IPA, Ballz Deep Double IPA, and Life Jacket Session IPA, Water Chopper Gose makes a great addition to the 7 Seas Brewing lineup. This dry, moderately sour, and extremely refreshing beer is made in the gose tradition. Water Chopper Gose is fermented with Lactobacillus in conjunction with 7 Seas house ale strain, and brewed with 35% malted white wheat and German Pilsner malt. For local flavor, 7 Seas Brewing added San Juan Island sea salt, and a pinch of coriander as the Gose-style dictates.

“We are very excited to release this unique kettle sour in cans. As the first new, packaged beer to be brewed and canned from our Tacoma facility, we feel it only appropriate that it be a funky, tart, in-your-face, refreshing creation,” said Mike Runion 7 Seas Co-Owner. “Water Chopper Gose is a great compliment to our lineup of IPA’s and Pilsners available in cans. Perfect for those who enjoy the tart side! Pucker up,” he added.

To celebrate the release of Water Chopper Gose there will be a release party at the 7 Seas Tap Room in Gig Harbor on June 17 from 5 PM to 9 PM, with free live music starting at 6:30 PM. After that ask for this sour, salty, rad, 4.8% ABV Gose wherever 7 Seas beers are sold by the can, or at your local bar, pub, or restaurant throughout Washington state.

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