7 Seas Brewing says, “Yes we can!”

Gig Harbor’s 7 Seas Brewing is about to become the first Washington craft brewery to offer their product in cans. Here on the blog there has been a lot of talk lately about drinking local beer, which inevitably leads into conversations about availability and then morphs into discussions about packaging and distribution.  Now we can start the discussion about the virtues of canning beer versus bottling it.

Here’s the word from 7 Seas:

7 Seas Brewing, will be the first in WA to can craft beer!  The Cans are in production and we look forward to 4 pk’s of 16oz cans in April.  Our British Pale Ale and Ballz Deep Double IPA will be available to start. You’ll be able to hit the links, water, and trails this summer accompanied by some 7 Seas 16oz. tall-boys. We will keep everyone updated as more details get set for the Release Party.