7 Seas Introduces Rude Parrot IPA in Cans

People often ask me about my favorite beer. That is, which do I think is the best. Not surprisingly, the question is usually more focused and people ask me which IPA I deem to be the best IPA. For some reason, IPA lovers seem to be particularly concerned with determining a “Best IPA in the World.” When I’m feeling like a smart ass, I explain that I have yet to try every IPA in the world, so I am ill-equipped to determine which is the best IPA, adding that I have a hard enough time picking a personal favorite.

I will say this, when it comes to picking a “favorite” or “best” beer, availability is a very important attribute. If nobody can drink the beer, it doesn’t matter how good it tastes. That said,  7 Seas Brewing is introducing Rude Parrot IPA in aluminum cans. The brewery is currently in the process of hosting a series of release parties around Seattle and Tacoma (see below). Beyond those events, look for it at better beer retailers around the greater Seattle-Tacoma area in the coming weeks. Did you notice how delicately I danced around calling Rude Parrot one of my favorite beers?

We have kept a bit of a lid on this one, but now it’s time to crack it open! 7 Seas Brewing launches Rude Parrot IPA in 16oz cans! We will be releasing the cans in a series of bashes in Gig Harbor, Tacoma, and Seattle. We are real excited about this Relentless, Contemporary, and Truly NW brew in a can. Hope you can join us one of the following dates, or anytime…..

Sunday, Jan. 20th: 7 Seas Tap Room
Monday, Jan. 21st: Broken Spoke (Tacoma)
Tuesday, Jan. 22nd: Beer Authority (Seattle)
Wednesday, Jan. 23rd: Pint Defiance (Tacoma)
Thursday, Jan. 24th: Burgundian (Seattle)


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