A peek inside TeKu Tavern, Seattle’s new high tech beer destination

The grand opening is Tuesday, October 18, but I was able to get a sneak peek at TeKu Tavern, the new beer bar and bottleshop opening on Denny Way in downtown Seattle. The location is at the corner of Denny Way and Taylor Avenue, very near the intersection of 5th and Denny. You can learn a lot more about TeKu Tavern by reading our previous post.

I provide some pictures below. Where appropriate, I include a description of what you’re looking at.

Below, the unassuming entrance at the northeast corner of Denny and Taylor.


Below, about half of the beer coolers with beer to go, or to stay.





Below, a nitrogen separator (or generator). What’s that? It’s a machine that uses an air compressor to feed a filter or sieve that separates nitrogen from the air. The 99.8% pure nitrogen (more pure than most other forms of Nitrogen) is then placed in a pressure tank and used to pour nitrogen beers. Also, this clever device facilitates the blending of nitrogen and Co2. More on that below.



Below, this manifold allows TeKu to select pure Co2 (most beers), pure Nitrogen, or a blend of the two for each of the beers on tap. Blending gases has become popular in recent years for a number of reasons. Trust me, this is seriously geeky stuff. Google it if you want to know more.


Below, individual regulators allows TeKu to pour the beer at the optimal pressure. A particular beer style is optimally poured in a particular pressure range. Not a detail that too many bars concern themselves with.


Below, tabletop tablet-kiosks allow you to peruse the beer menu (bottles and draft) based on different criteria, or a combination of criteria. Style of beer and region of origin, for instance. If it’s a bottled beer, it will even tell you where to find it (which cooler).



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