A very special event with Firestone Walker at Brouwer’s Cafe – Jan. 23rd


Brouwer’s Cafe in Seattle has a hoarding problem and that’s good news for you. They’ve been hoarding anniversary beers from Firestone Walking Brewing for ten years. They’ll tap into this amazing collection on Thursday, January 23rd and you are invited. Along with 10 years of beers, David Walker, founder of Firestone Walker, will be there for the event.

Below we share the beer lists, as well as more info about the event, straight from Brouwer’s Cafe:

Just like many of you, we too, are beer hoarders. And just like you, we’re running out of space in a cellar. We try to put together creative events that allow us to showcase both vintage and fresh selections while making space for the next wave of beers that will need some time to age.

A couple of years ago, we took real notice of something. We have some Firestone Walker Anniversary beers… like several years of them. In fact, at that point, we had anniversary beers 14th through 21st. At that point, we decided that 8 years is cool, but a decade would be a lot cooler. We hung on to those special beers for another two years.

On January 23rd at 5 p.m. we will be tapping Firestone Walker XIV-XXIII. David Walker, with his beautiful mane, will be in attendance to help send off a decade of making fantastic beers. We here are incredibly excited to be able to put this unique event on and we’re probably the only place outside of the brewery who can do it.

We’ll be doing two separate flights of five years each. Only flights will be available that evening, i.e., we will not be doing pours of single years. We want to be able to give everyone an opportunity to get a flight. We also suggest brining a friend or two, because most of these beers are over 12%.

The beer lineup:

The Lion Flight:
Firestone Walker XIV
Firestone Walker XV
Firestone Walker XVI
Firestone Walker XVII
Firestone Walker XVIII

The Bear Flight:
Firestone Walker XIX
Firestone Walker XX
Firestone Walker XXI
Firestone Walker XXII
Firestone Walker XXIII