About the recent change to our RSS feed

If you consumer our blog’s RSS feed, you may have noticed a change recently. We have our reasons for making the change -truncating the stories, basically- but we are not unconcerned with how it impacts you. Without you, we are nothing but a couple of people who like beer. If you subscribe to our RSS feed and you have an opinion about the change, please leave a comment and let us know.  We like you and we want to keep you happy.


  1. I dislike the change. I use Google Reader to aggregate about 30 RSS feeds and it is burdensome to click through to the site in order to read the whole article. It also creates a problem for when I use my offline reader on my iPhone.

  2. It’s difficult and problematic to use and view your site when you truncate your RSS feeds. I tend to read your site a lot on mobile phone, and I prefer to subscribe so as not to miss the latest news. My rss reader is well formated to my mobile device, and it allows me to scan and read lots of items at once. Truncated feeds are very disruptive.

    Truncating the feed increase the noise in my reader — I am unable to get useful information out of the feed (basically, other then the presence of a new post). Additionally, it makes searching for content using my reader more troubling and less complete.

    I can only presume that you are truncating your feeds to increase impressions for ad revenue. May I suggest changing your feed back to full-content and looking into things such as feedburner for generating revenue in the RSS channel?

    No skin off your back, I’m sure, but I must admit that I’m likely to remove your feed from my reader and look to other places to get my news.

  3. It’s not about increasing traffic, it’s just that since we got picked up by the P-I, which consumes the same feed, it makes it easier for us to see the traffic coming from that source.

    Your comments are well-received. I am going to change it back and will look at other ways to do what we want in terms of tracking traffic sources.

    Thanks for your thoughtful input.

  4. Agreed with top 2 posters. I use Google Reader for 100 feeds or so, and most often read from my phone. I have stopped reading and unsubscribed from feeds that use this kind of truncation, due to the annoyance of not being able to read them on my phone.

  5. I appreciate soliciting our feedback 🙂 I’m with Ben. RSS feeds that truncate tend to get that unsubscribed button hit.

  6. Agreed – I used google reader as well, and I just don’t read most articles on rss feeds that truncate. Thanks! 🙂

  7. just catching up on my blogs and i appreciate the change as well. i took the time to complain about it so figured i should take the time to comment!

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