Airways Brewing unveils the new space – Tap Room opens today


Airways Brewing Company officially closed the Tap Room at the old brewery on West Valley Highway in Kent, which probably makes some people a bit sad, but today (June 21st at 2:00) the company opens its brand new tap room to the public. The location of the new spot is just a block off of Highway 167 on 212th (map below). We were at the new tap room last night for a preview.


First thing you’ll notice, it’s big. Second, it is still a work in progress. This will soon be the brewery. Although they are set up to serve you beer, they’re still moving the brewing equipment into place. Regardless of how the pictures from yesterday look, by the time they open today they’ll have things cleaned up a bit.


It’s an open concept, where much of the brewery, basically, surrounds the taproom. Or vice versa. You’ll also notice that it is quite lovely. SORRY KIDS, this is a grownups only, beer only, tap room.


When you enter, there will eventually be fermentation tanks on your right and a barrel room on your left. Beyond that, the room opens up to some seating and then an large bar with plenty of room for resting beers and bending elbows. At the back of the room, more seating and a garage door that will open to outdoor seating.


The Airways Bistro in downtown Kent remains open. Actually, now that the new brewery and tap room is opening, Airways Brewing can begin to refocus on its other construction project: the expansion of the Bistro, which will eventually offer an all-ages restaurant along with a 21+ bar.

Beer will be flowing. (Brewmaster, owner Alex Dittmar.)

Congratulations to Airways Brewing. The new space not only offers a larger, more easily accessed location for customers, but also provides the company with much needed room to grow.


One thing I really appreciated, because of the way the ceilings are not closed off, and the insulation (which is treated in a black covering) is exposed, the sound is absorbed. Although the room was crowded and busy last night, you could still easily have a conversation across the table. Good move, by design or accident.


There are some really nice design touches, like the heavy wood tables, the higher ceilings, the color palate, and the mural. I would highly recommend that you go check the place out for yourself.


Airways Brewing Tap Room
8611 S 212th St.
Kent WA, 98032

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