Alesong Brewing release event in Seattle on November 14th


Alesong Brewing and Blending is a familiar tune to a lot of local beer enthusiasts, especially those who love things like wild-fermented, Belgian-style, wood-aged and fruited beers. This small-batch brewery located near Eugene, Oregon pumps out some amazing stuff and, because they don’t make a whole lot of it, hardcore beer connoisseurs might be upset with me for sharing the secret. But, I like to think of beer as an inclusive and not exclusive beverage, so everyone has a right to know.

On Wednesday, November 14th Alesong Brewing pays a visit to Teku Tavern in Seattle. Here is the information straight from the brewery. You’ll have to figure out the rest on your own. I’ve already said too much..

Alesong to release four new beers, host release event at Teku Tavern

Members will have special access to new beers and release events

Seattle, WA:  On Wednesday, November 14th from 5 p.m. – 8 p.m., Eugene’s Alesong Brewing and Blending will host a satellite release celebration at Teku Tavern for its Washington Blender’s Circle members to pick up their club shipments (info and sign up at The event will feature tastings of the new barrel-aged releases and small bite pairings with each.

“It feels like just yesterday the sun was shining and we were unveiling our summer release beers” says cofounder, Doug Coombs, “but fall is officially here and we’re excited to share these new beers to enjoy as the seasons change!”

· Farm Fresh – Fall in the Pacific Northwest means one thing to beer people— hop harvest! We stuffed fresh Centennial hops into barrels of an aged, light-bodied, and tart farmhouse ale. The transformation brings fruity, citrusy and grassy flavors and aromas, awakening a whole new beer.

· Raspberry Parliament – We want the funk! Inspired by the red and brown ales of the Flanders region of Belgium, we aged this beer in 2nd use charred American oak barrels with Oregon raspberries to provide tart and sweet flavors that marry with the mild oak and yeast complexities.

· Four Merchants – We searched the high seas for just the right spices to complement our rich and complex Four Brothers Quad. Matured for nearly a year in red wine barrels, this mahogany hued, dry, and slightly vinous ale is a mosaic of aromas and flavors worthy of your contemplation.

· Rhino Suit ‘18–   Rhino Suit was the first spirits barrel-aged beer we released at Alesong (way back in the winter of 2016!), but remains one of our favorites. This year’s rendition of our imperial milk stout was matured in freshly emptied Heaven Hill bourbon barrels to add velvety layers of vanilla and coconut to the sweet and chocolatey malt flavors of the base stout.

Alesong hosts a satellite pickup event every quarter for its Washington membership. Washingtonians interested in Alesong’s Blender’s Circle have the unique option to sign up as an out of state member with no associated shipping costs if they attend the satellite pickup celebration. Members who can’t make it to the pickup event on the 14th will have one week to stop by Teku tavern at any point to pick up their allotment.

ABOUT ALESONG BREWING AND BLENDING: Alesong Brewing and Blending is a small artisan brewery based in the heart of Southern Willamette Valley wine country that crafts unique and small-batch beers with a focus on oak aging and Belgian-inspired techniques, brewing both wild and non-wild beers, using locally grown fruits, herbs and a host of special yeasts and other microbes.  Once the beer in the barrels has matured, the team samples and selects each barrel individually to blend. Paying homage to old-world Lambic blenders and artisan winemakers, Alesong believes that the final, balanced blend of a barrel-aged beer is much more satisfying than the sum of its parts or each individual barrel by itself. For more information, visit