American Brewing Company Chosen to Participate at SAVOR 2012

American Brewing Company announced today that it has been chosen to participate in SAVOR 2012 – the nation’s premier beer and food pairing event organized by the Brewers Association (BA). The fifth annual event takes place on June 8th and 9th in Washington DC at the National Building Museum. As usual, the event sold out months in advance.

Only 74 of America’s approximately 2,000 breweries participate in SAVOR. Of those, 60 are chosen by lottery to participate. The other 14 are SAVOR partners and sponsors. American Brewing was one of the 160 breweries to enter the lottery. American Brewing will be the only Washington brewery at SAVOR.

According to the Brewers Association, participation in SAVOR can be quite a big deal for a brewery. It certainly gets a local brewery some attention on the national stage.

SAVOR is one of the events that inspired us to create Craft Beer + Food, the beer and food pairing event we presented last September and will present again later this year. The food pairings at SAVOR are being designed by Chef Adam Dulve of the Monk’s Kettle in San Francisco along with a select group of chefs noted for their skill at beer and food pairing. American Brewing is sending two beers to SAVOR. The Breakaway IPA will be paired with citrus cured salmon, grapefruit, and pistachio cream cheese. The Caboose Oatmeal Stout will be paired with Coconut macaroon, whipped crème fraiche, and lemon zest.

It is no coincidence that SAVOR takes place in Washington DC. The Brewers Association and SAVOR participants will be hard at work lobbying on behalf of the craft beer industry. Neil Fallon, owner of American Brewing, will arrive a day before the event to participate in a Government Affairs Hillclimb. Brewery owners will meet face to face with members of congress to discuss issue of importance to the craft beer industry. In particular, proposed Federal Excise Tax legislation (H.R. 1236/S. 534). Learn more about this important legislation on the BA website.  The Hillclimb will be followed by a reception on Capitol Hill where as many as 700 – 800 “movers and shakers” will get to sample American Brewing Company’s beers.

You can learn more at the official SAVOR website. There you can peruse a list of all of the breweries involved and see what kinds of pairing will be presented.

Photo by Kendall Jones
American Brewing Company: Skip Madsen (Brewmaster) and Neil Fallon (Owner)

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  1. That is HUGE! I’ve never been and am personally not interested in going (I’m veg, not a curmudgeon) but I’ve heard the buzz regarding SAVOR from my NE beer friends on Twitter for years now. Congrats!

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