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As Seen At… Washington Cask Beer Festival 2013

Yesterday’s event was another raging success. It’s what we’ve come to expect from the Washington Cask Beer Festival. Many local beer geeks consider this to be the premier beer event of the year. If you love cask-conditioned beer, there is simply nothing else like Cask Fest. We have the People’s Choice¬† winners as well as a photo gallery below. Although it was a bit painful to climb into the bunker (Seattle Center’s Exhibition Hall) on such a glorious Seattle day, we enjoyed the first session. Too many great beers to try them all. I’ll just say that some of my favorites were the Red Hook Do Svidaniya, Silver City Whoop Pass IPA, Snipes Mountain Herbert’s Legendary Cask Fest Ale (read about it), and the Rainy Daze Brewing Dry-Hopped Rye. But, there were so many beers I didn’t even have a chance to try, I kind of feel bad for calling out favorites.

People’s Choice Award for the 1st Session: 1st Place: Silver City Brewing – Bourbon Barrel-Aged Fat Scotch 2nd Place: Red Hook Ale Brewery – Do Svidaniya Russian Imperial Stout 3rd Place: Diamond Knot Brewing – Apple Cinnamon ESB

People’s Choice Award for the 2nd Session: 1st Place: Diamond Knot Brewing – Apple Cinnamon ESB 2nd Place: Black Raven Brewing – Paging Dr. Wisdom (Imperial IPA) 3rd Place: Fremont Brewing – Pine Box Anniversary Oatmeal Stout

Here are the photos:


  1. What a way too brightly lit and sterile looking venue to have it in! Our Big Beer fest in Tacoma was fab with views of the bay…another reason to stay in T Town for festivals.

  2. Cask Fest is a completely different kind of event than the Big Beer Fest in Tacoma; just depends on the individual and what they enjoy. I prefer Cask Fest for the beers the brewers make especially for this event.

  3. I’m torn about the new venue.
    Con: It has all the charm of a church basement.
    Pro: The larger size made it easy to get around and visit with friends. It definitely was not crowded.
    Pro: It was nice to have room for more tables and chairs.
    Con: But the larger size also meant I didn’t get around to all the breweries to say hello – it felt impersonal in that way.

  4. I know the difference between the Cask beer fest and the Big Beer fest. I was merely referencing the venue which was drowning in fluorescence with no windows to peer out of. It’s nice to have a view of our beautiful outdoors while drinking all of which the northwest has to offer. I’m sure the liquor board was happy to have everyone underground and locked in…

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