Is Asheville North Carolina the best beer city in America?

There is a poll being conducted right now by the asking people to vote for America’s best beer city. According to Charlie Papazian, the Beer Examiner, “BeerCity USA 2010 is a chance for local beer communities to express their enthusiasm and support for their local breweries and local better beer bars, restaurants, stores and distributors.  Let’s have some fun.”

Click here to vote for your favorite beer city. We suggest that you choose Seattle, but it’s up to you.

I just voted, so I’ve seen the current standings. Portland is making a nice showing, as is Sand Diego. Both are notable beer towns, to be sure. Asheville, North Carolina is in the lead. By a long shot. While I am sure that Asheville is a lovely place, and I’m equally certain the the residents of Asheville are proud of their town, let’s get real. With nearly 9,000 votes cast thus far, Asheville has received more than 40 percent.

Last night at the Firkin-Firkin throwdown someone asked why we stopped posting polls on the Washington Beer Blog. I didn’t really have an answer, but I explained that one thing we learned was that the results really don’t mean anything. For instance, when we ran our poll asking you to vote for Seattle’s best brew pub, the nice people over at, a prolific and popular neighborhood blog, got wind of it and unleashed the hounds. Maritime Pacific’s Jolly Roger Taproom won by virtue of a crushing landslide of votes from people who may or may not even like beer but definitely love Ballard. That’s not a knock on the Jolly Roger or Ballard, it’s just the way it played out.

So, here I am asking you to g0 vote in a poll. Why? I don’t know. I guess I’m just proud of Seattle.

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  1. Um, I don’t know why NC is in the lead, but when have we’ve ever read or seen any of their beers here on the West Coast? I listen to beer podcasts and read magazines and I don’t see much. And if its in the mags then it must not stand out very much. West Coast > East Coast.

  2. It’s probably a hometown pride thing, as you say. But North Carolina is in the middle of its own little microbrew revolution and producing a lot of good beers. Cottonwood, Highland and especially Duck-Rabbit come to mind. Just because we can’t get it out here doesn’t mean it either doesn’t exist, or it sucks.

  3. I definitely voted for Seattle (hometown pride!) but have been really impressed by the Anchorage beer scene each time I’ve visited. It’s certainly not the #1 best beer scene in America, but still a pretty awesome one– bummed it didn’t make the list.

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