Attention Breweries: Rules for Delivering Product Direct to Consumers


The Washington Brewers Guild offers the following guidelines for breweries in Washington seeking to deliver beer directly to consumers.

Beer Delivery Rules for Breweries

Breweries may deliver packaged product, direct to consumer, under the following guidelines:

• Deliveries must be made in compliance with 314.20.260

• Brewery must get internet sales privileges from LCB prior to making deliveries. File an Added Activities request with the LCB here

• Brewery employees may make the deliveries, so long as they are a registered agent of the brewery

• Breweries may use a third party delivery service, however, you will need to file another Added Activities request with the LCB and include the contract with the company you are using

• Delivered packaged product must have a label that meets TTB labeling requirements. You do not need COLA approval for beer sold in state, but you will need to submit an “Application for Product Tracking Code Beer” form found here under “Non-Retail”

Additionally, the LCB has advised that curbside delivery is allowed. You may take orders/payment online or via phone and deliver to a customer’s car. Be sure you are checking IDs. As always, if you have further questions regarding compliance we encourage you to consult with an attorney or your local LCB enforcement officer.



    1. As far as I know, it is not a requirement but many breweries are doing it. Not because they think you are dirty, and not because they are just trying to sell more glass, but because it is the reponsible thing to do for their employees and for their other patrons. That is my opinion. My guess. My assumption.

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