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Elysian Brewing’s Steve Luke prepares to burst out on his own

Steve juggling apricots

One of Elysian Brewing’s well-known and highly respected brewers recently learned a valuable lesson about the power of social media. He sent out a tweet thinking that only the 11 people who follow him on Twitter would see it. Someone with more than 11 followers retweeted it. And so on and so on. Before long,…

Engine House 9 annouces brewery and barrel house expansion


- by Casey McLain, South Sound Bureau Chief – As 2014 ended, with Tacoma welcoming in two brand new breweries (Odd Otter Brewing and Pacific Brewing & Malting), Tacoma’s first craft brewery, Engine House No. 9, was planning to open a barrel house. A few years back when E9’s barrel program was in its infancy,…

Barleywine videos – the Bacchanal starts tomorrow


The other day I told you about the lineup for this year’s Barleywine Bacchanal, which kicks off tomorrow at the Beveridge Place Pub. Now in its 13th year, the pub will rotate through more than 70 different barleywines this year. The Bacchanal is one of the pub’s most popular events of the year and it…

First visit to Counterbalance Brewing


Earlier this week I reported that the brewery and tasting room was open, but I didn’t visit until yesterday. I arrived at Counterbalance Brewing in Georgetown just a few minutes after the taproom opened on a Wednesday afternoon and joined four fellas sitting at the bar. Jeff, one of the owners, was pouring the beers…

Beer Release: Bill’sner Pils, Hale’s Ale Brewery


Hale’s Ales is pleased to announce a Limited Release of Bill’sner Pils 2015. Seattle, WA – February 25th 2015 – Pilsners are back!  The beer style your dad, and probably his dad, so enjoyed is receiving new attention from craft brewers and craft beer lovers all over the region. And, with the release of Bill’sner Pils, Hale’s Ales…

Beer Release: Molten Lava Imperial IPA, Double Mountain Brewery


Double Mountain Molten Lava Imperial IPA Returns Hood River, OR—February, 25th, 2015 —Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom releases their seasonal Molten Lava Imperial IPA. A taproom favorite since 2008, this aggressive IPA is currently available on draft and by bottle at the Double Mountain Brewery & Taproom located in downtown Hood River. Molten Lava can be found in…

Acadian Farms and Brewery shuts down, moves on


Last summer we reported that Skamania County was threatening to shut down Acadian Farms and Brewery. Eventually the owners, Benton and Nicole Bernard, came to terms with the County, but apparently the resulting compromises helped to make the business unsustainable. The couple recently decided to sell both the farm and the brewery and move on….

Ninkasi Brewing explores music and beer collaboration


When done well, both beer and music serve as forms of expression for the creative soul. Sure, there is skill, science, and technology involved in the production of both music and beer, but at the core they are each a manifestation of the individual’s artistic vision. Ninkasi Brewing Company understands the kinship between music and…

Barleywine Bacchanal starts Saturday at the Beveridge Place Pub


This Saturday, the 13th Annual Barleywine Bacchanal kicks off at the Beveridge Place Pub. For an entire week, the pub offers 30 taps pouring the biggest, most bodacious brews from near and far. The selection rotates daily and in the overall collection includes more than 70 beers. Keep an eye on Faceboook and Twitter for…

Upcoming big beer events at Watershed Pub and Kitchen


Updated 2/26/15 The Watershed Pub and Kitchen opened near Northgate Mall almost a year ago. With the big day approaching, the pub planned some special events, including an Imperial Stout Fest, a Barleywine Fest, and an anniversary celebration. Ben Curran, owner/operator at Watershed, says, “While we have been hosting some cool events—beer releases, live music,…