Bale Breaker Coming to Western Washington

Update, March, 6th: We’ve learned that the Western Washington debut for Bale Breaker will be on Thursday, March 27th at the Beveridge Place Pub – 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.

We’ve talked about this brewery a lot here on the Washington Beer Blog. It’s no secret that we adore Bale Breaker Brewing, the brewery located in Moxee, Washington smack-dab in the middle of the hop fields that opened just about a year ago. The only thing we don’t like about Bale Breaker is that we cannot get the beer on the west side of the mountains. The initial business plan involved focusing on Eastern Washington. That’s about to change.

This morning I received a message from Meghann Quinn, one of the owners at Bale Breaker Brewing, announcing plans to start shipping beer over the mountains. “Starting mid-March, Field 41 Pale Ale and Topcutter IPA will (finally!) be available in King and Snohomish counties (distributed through Odom), both on draft and in cans.” 

“The availability might be a little limited at first, and we’re still working on getting a good idea of the accounts where it will be available, but as we get that information, we’ll keep our website’s Find Our Beers page up-to-date.”

Read our original story about Bale Breaker for an introduction to this brewery and more photos.

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