Ballard Brew Hall coming to Sea-Tac Airport this spring


The Port of Seattle recently announced that several vendors at Sea-Tac Airport were shutting down to make room for a new flock of dining and shopping options. Among the newcomers opening in the near future, Ballard Brew Hall promises to offer a selection of local, artisan beers.

Beer-loving travelers were disappointed to learn that Anthony’s was among the restaurants at the airport closing down. Anthony’s was the only place you could find a decent selection of local craft beer at the airport. Also, the food was good, as you’d expect from the always-reliable, local restaurant chain. Furthermore, the location in the central terminal was convenient.

Hopefully, one of the new businesses will fill the void. Ballard Brew Hall, slated to open this spring, describes itself as “ideal for artisanal-minded travelers looking for local craft beer.” They will also offer Washington wines, handcrafted cocktails, and a full dining menu.

Ballard Beer Hall will be located in the D concourse, near gate D12, so the location isn’t quite as convenient. Also, we’ll have to wait and see what kind of beer selection they’ll offer. Rest assured, we’ll be sure to share more info about Ballard Brew Hall once we know more about the beer program.




  1. So when are they opening a cannabis bar since the alcoholics have their pub now where is the pot heads cafe ? Lol

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