Ballast Point Brewing Enters the Seattle Marketplace

Another noteworthy out-of-state brewery is coming to Seattle. A while back there were rumors that this was going to happen. Then there was silence. Hopes were dashed. Today the Washington Beer Blog learned that Ballast Point Brewing Company of San Diego, California will soon start distributing beer in the Seattle area. We’ve also learned that Columbia Distributing Company will distribute the beer.

The real meat of the matter? The reason I think it is important to tell you about this brewery coming to town? Well, it’s because of Sculpin IPA. Local hop heads are going to freak out. Many of you are familiar with this especially delicious IPA, so you know what I’m talking about. I say this at the risk of contributing to the hype and hysteria, but it’s got to be said: people are going to freak out over this beer. Of course, that all assumes Ballast Point plans to bring Sculpin IPA into this market.

Ballast Point Brewing products will be available on tap and in bottles. Look for it soon.

Ballast Point Brewing was founded by Jack White and his buddy Yuseff Cherney. The two owned a homebrew shop together and starting a brewery seemed a natural next step. Ballast Point was born in 1996. Since that time the brewery has grown consistently, gaining notoriety and winning awards.

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  1. Sculpin is one of the biggest heartbreakers in the WA market. I literally bring it back from Cali with me when I travel. This is a great addition – takes a lot of the sting out of losing Russian River, especially if they bring enough Sculpin to make everyone happy! Pliny is great and all, but only if you can get it in the first place.

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