Bambino’s Celebrates Italian Craft Beer This Friday

When I visited Italy in 2006, the lack of craft beer seemed odd. It made no sense. Everything else they do in Italy seemed to align perfectly with our craft beer sensibilities. The approach they take to wine, cheese, meat, bread, and even cars, seemed to suggest that they’d be equally passionate about beer. Still, back then, the beer choices were dismal. It’s not surprising that in recent years things have changed.

Today Italy is in the midst of a craft beer boom. This Friday, Bambino’s Pizzeria in Seattle celebrates the Italian craft beer awakening. The beer-focused pizzeria will pour 12 beers from Italy’s most highly decorated craft breweries. The event kicks off at 3:00.

Bambino’s Pizzeria
401 Cedar St
Seattle, WA 98121
(206) 269-2222


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