Baron Brewing moving out of town

The Washington Beer Blog just learned that Baron Brewing is moving out of town. Jeff Smiley, owner of Baron Brewing, tells us that the brewery is moving south to Chehalis, WA. Baron Brewing brews traditional German-style beers. The company also brews Three Skulls Ales, a line of pirate-themed Northwest style beers.

Baron Brewing has been located in Seattle’s South Park neighborhood since 2003. The existing brewery will be sold as a working brewery and a new brewery will be built at the Chehalis location. Below, Jeff shares a few details with us about the new location. It sounds very cool and very rural.

There will be no change at Pillagers Pub in Seattle’s Greenwood neighborhood. Owned and operated by Baron, Pillagers is the brewery’s official pub: the place where you can find the complete lineup of Baron beers and Three Skulls Ales.

We don’t know a schedule for the move yet, but assume that those details are still coming together. The Washington Beer Blog will keep you posted as we learn more about the big move, the grand opening, and all the rest. We look forward to visiting the new brewery when they’re ready for us.

Baron Brewing is moving its brewery to a new location in Chehalis Washington. The new location is on scenic Jackson Highway halfway between Seattle and Portland. The location has acres of pasture land for festivals and a 1920’s wooden barn that will be turned into a sampling room. Local farmers are interested in growing crops to be used in producing beer giving the beers a very northwest flavor. A new brew system will be installed at the location and the existing brewery location south of Georgetown will be sold as a running brewery.

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  1. Can u tell me if Baron has made the move to Chehalis yet and if so what is the address on Jackson Hwy??? Thanx

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