Barry Chan of Lucky Envelope Brewing receives American Brewers Guild scholarship


Each year the Falconer Foundation awards a scholarship to a worthy recipient in the brewing industry. Working with the American Brewers Guild, the Falconer Foundation offers the recipient a full-tuition scholarship to the Guild’s Intensive Brewing Science and Engineering program. This year the scholarship was awarded to Barry Chan, the brewmaster and co-founder at Lucky Envelope Brewing in Seattle, Washington.

The American Brewers Guild is a leading educational program for the craft beer industry, which focuses on providing education on the technical, scientific and operational aspects of the craft brewing business.

Barry joins the list of local brewers that have earned this distinction over the program’s history. The list includes people like Dave Pendelton of Dick’s Brewing, Adam Frantz or Sound to Summit Brewing, Dean Priebe of Icicle Brewing, and others.

In awarding the scholarship to Barry, the Foundation noted that, among other things, the brewery he co-founded (Lucky Envelope Brewing) earned a medal at the Great American Beer Festival in the brewery’s very first year of operation. That is just one of many accolades the brewery has earned to date.

Here is the press release from the Falconer Foundation:

From an outstanding group of talented applicants, Barry Chan of Lucky Envelope Brewing (Seattle, WA) has been named recipient of the 2019 American Brewers Guild scholarship. Barry will be attending ABG’s Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering course that runs from January to June 2019. The Intensive Brewing Science & Engineering course is a 22-week distance education program with a final week of residential instruction in Middlebury, VT. The course covers all the fundamentals of beer production and quality assurance with a special emphasis on practical issues.

Barry Chan is currently Head Brewer/co-Founder at Lucky Envelope Brewing. While Barry began to pursue a career in engineering, he quickly became immersed in the Washington homebrewing scene. Finding a deep sense of community and shared learning, Barry further refined his craft by becoming a Beer Judge Certification Program (BJCP) judge and earned a National score on his first tasting exam.

His passion and dedication soon translated into a desire to transition to professional brewing with the founding of Lucky Envelope Brewing. In its very first year, Lucky Envelope Brewing won a medal at the 2015 GABF, which is now one of many national and regional awards earned to date.

About Barry, Selection Committee members highlighted “his sense of life-long learning and openness to sharing knowledge that is at the core of homebrewing and professional craft brewing” and underscored “his perspective that brewing forward includes looking back which Barry did with a modern recreation of a 5000-year-old beer from northern China.” “Barry grounds himself with the science of brewing and then innovates with vigor, spirit, and even humor.” So aptly, a Selection Committee summarized “Barry is at the perfect time of his career to benefit from the ABG course. He’ll spread that knowledge far and wide, as he is a natural teacher. Barry is a true ambassador of our profession and industry.”

The American Brewers Guild is a premier school for the craft brewing industry dedicated to providing a comprehensive learning experience that focuses on the technical, scientific, and operational matters and issues that brewers face in a craft brewing environment. This year marks the tenth year of collaboration between the Falconer Foundation and the American Brewers Guild. We offer our deepest gratitude to ABG for its long-standing and continuing support for the Foundation’s brewing education scholarship program.

Join us in thanking the Selection Committee of Paul Bergman, Head Brewer and Owner of Wild Ride Brewing, Rodger Davis, Owner and Brewer of Faction Brewing, Jamie Floyd, Owner and Founding Brewer of Ninkasi Brewing, Alan Moen, Senior Writer and Columnist for American Brewer Magazine, and Steve Parkes, Owner and Lead Instructor of American Brewers Guild who were given the difficult decision of selecting a single recipient from a deep and talented group of deserving candidates.

The Falconer Foundation has granted 41 scholarships since 2004 and is dedicated to promoting knowledge and expertise in the craft brewing industry in memory and honor of Glen Hay Falconer. For more information on the Glen Hay Falconer Foundation, visit and follow us on Facebook.