BBL Solutions helps the breweries you love make the beers you crave

BBL Solutions is a Tacoma-based company providing systems and services that help the breweries you love produce the beers you crave. Today we’re happy to welcome them as a new blog sponsor. A lot of stuff happens at breweries that beer drinkers probably don’t know about, and BBL Solutions aids breweries in controlling and monitoring some of those less-visible but crucial elements of a brewery’s operations.

BBL Solutions implements brewhouse and fermentation control systems that help breweries save energy, brew more efficiently and avoid catastrophic problems, like having the fermentation temperature on a tank suddenly go haywire. The company’s remote access automation and alarming systems make it easy for brewers to check on their beer, providing a surprisingly affordable way of monitoring and controlling things via smartphones, for instance.


“Our most popular projects are cold-side control, monitoring fermentation and setting up alerts and remote access so brewers can monitor their beers on their phones or laptops,” explains Trevor Nichol, who runs BBL Solutions alongside his business partner Casey Williams. Both of them are passionate about beer; they are both home brewers and certified BJCP beer judges.

Fermentation system control and monitoring is just part of what the BBL Solutions offers. They also provide other services like energy analysis, brewery infrastructure engineering, and even recipe development.


“We are also doing more Wastewater Equalization projects as utilities are growing more concerned with the quality and pH of the water leaving breweries,” says Trevor. “We do automated wastewater tanks that can data-log pH and automatically dump when the conditions are right, or alert the brewer if there is an issue. We also do custom projects for whatever a brewer can dream up!”

BBL Solutions has worked with the likes of Holy Mountain Brewing, Cloudburst Brewing, Diamond Knot Craft Brewing, Black Raven Brewing, Reuben’s Brews, and many others.

To learn more about BBL Solutions, visit the company’s website at


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