Beer at the Ballpark – Finding good beer at T-Mobile Park, home of the Mariners


Here is our annual Beer at the Ballpark Report, our guide for finding good beer at T-Mobile Park and Seattle Mariners home games. We will update this list as more details become available and as we visit the ballpark to confirm and gather more information. Waiting for more info from all parties concerned and will update as soon as we hear back. For now, this will get you going.

If you’re looking for good beer away from/near the ballpark, check out our map of Seattle’s Breweries and Beer Spots. If you are looking or a comprehensive guide to visiting T-Mobile Park (food, transit, etc.), see the ballpark story from Curbed Seattle.

Our information is arranged in three sections:

As in years past, there is good beer pretty much everywhere at T-Mobile Park (still getting used to the name), but for the most-seriously afflicted beer nerds, the Specialty Beers station at Section 129 should not be missed: get there early in the game because, as they say, the best things come in small packages (smaller kegs drain fast).

Canned Beer

This year, the ballpark has upped their game when it comes to canned beer. In other words, you’ll find a lot of canned craft beers at T-Mobile Park this year. Highlights include:

  • Kilt Lifter -16-ounce cans Pike Brewing’s legendary Kilt Lifter are available at all High Cheese Pizza and Ivar’s concession stands. Various locations around the ballpark.
  • Value Beers – 12-ounce cans Bale Breaker Brewing’s Topcutter IPA and Reuben’s Brews Crikey IPA are available at sections 105, 111, 136, 137, 221, 243, 319, 328, and 330.
  • 12-ounce cans of Reuben’s Hazalicious IPA and 21st Amendment’s Blood Orange Brew Free or Die IPA, (as well as Rambling Route hard cider and San Juan Seltzer) are available at the two batch cocktail carts near Section 116 and Section 141.

Draft Beer Recommendations (alphabetical order)

  • Alaskan Brewing, Amber – Sections 105, 134, 146, 319, and 330
  • Aslan Brewing, Dawn Patrol Pale Ale– Section 132 (The Natural)
  • Bale Breaker, Leota Mae IPA – Section 126 (Rolling Roof Hot Dogs) and Section 333 (All-Star Club)
  • Big Sky Brewing, Moose Drool – Sections 319 and 330
  • Black Raven Brewing, Trickster IPA – Diamond Club, Hit it Here Café, Sections 134 and 185
  • Breakside Brewing, Pilsner – Heritage BSB Bar (in the ‘Pen), Sections 136, 185 and 330
  • Chuckanut Brewery, Kolsch – Sections 121 and 185
  • Diamond Knot Brewing, IPA – Section 134, 136 and 349
  • Double Mountain Brewing, Vaporizer – Heritage BSB bar (in the ‘Pen), Section 185 and 319
  • Ecliptic Brewing, Carina Peach Sour ale – Section 185 (nowhere else)
  • Fremont Brewing, Summer Ale – Section 248 Good Hops, 249 Sound Bar, Sound Seafood, Hit It Here (inside and terrace bar)
  • Georgetown Brewing, Manny’s Pale Ale – Long Bar (Coors light rail bar), 109 Rolling Roof/High Cheese, 133 Din Thai Fung, 132 Hiroshi’s, 149 Kid Valley, 212 High Cheese Pizza, 243 3rd Base Bar, Hit it Here Cafe, 335 Ivars, 349 Look Out Landing Bar, All-Star Club, Batter Up Bar
  • Georgetown Brewing, Bohizafa IPA – Hit it Here Cafe, 106 Sultan Sandwiches, 142 Sausage, 187 The Way Back Crab Shack
  • Mac and Jack’s Brewing (African Amber, Serengeti Wheat, Resolution IPA, Porter) – Sections114, 141
  • Maritime Pacific Brewing, Old Seattle Lager – All-Star Club, Hit it Here café, and Section 319
  • Ninkasi Brewing, Prismatic juicy IPA – Section 121, 146, 243 and 319
  • No-Li Brewhouse, Big Juicy IPA – Sections115, 136, 319 and Edgar’s Cantina concessions
  • pFriem Family Brewers, IPA – Sections 185, 319, 330
  • Pike Brewing, Pike Place Pale Ale – Sections 121, 243, 319 and Edgar’s Cantina concessions
  • Reuben’s Brews, Crikey IPA – Sections 185, 223, 330 and the Heritage BSB bar (in the ‘Pen)
  • Reuben’s Brews, Pilsner – Diamond Club and All-Star Club
  • Stone Brewing, Delicious IPA – Sections 105, 121 and 136
  • Sumerian Brewing, Narcissism IPA – Sections 133, 134, and the Heritage BSB bar (in the ‘Pen)

Cask, Barrel-Aged, and Specialty Beer Station

Located at Section 129 (behind home plate). From the stadium’s home plate entrance, go up the stairs and look to your right. Expect a frequently rotating selection of specialty beers from breweries both near and far. For you hardcore beer geeks, this is the place to be.

Cask-Conditioned Beer – The lineup includes fresh cask-conditioned ales pouring from two beer engines. Breweries involved in this year’s cask program include Double Mountain Brewing, Maritime Pacific Brewing, Reuben’s Brews, Machine House Brewery, Diamond Knot Brewing, Sumerian Brewing, Stoup Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, and others.

Cask beer station. Look for the big neon that says "Cask Ale."
Specialty beer station is at Section 129. New this year, more specialty beers on tap.

The cask-conditioned beer selection typically changes for each homestand. Cask kegs are small and will run dry early in the game by design, to keep it as fresh as possible.  A fresh cask keg is tapped for EVERY game, and once it’s gone, it’s gone, usually by the third inning.

New for 2019 – Four taps of barrel-aged and specialty brews from local favorite breweries as well as nationally recognized breweries. The schedule is not announced in advance, but this year’s lineup includes rare releases from Samuel Smiths Brewery in England (beers rarely seen on tap in the U.S.A.) Also, big and burly beers from breweries like Stone Brewing, Crooked Stave, Modern Times, Funkwerks, Boneyard Brewing, Melvin Brewing, Alesmith Brewing, pFriem Family Brewers, Fort George Brewing, Breakside Brewing, Anderson Valley Brewing, Founders Brewing, Stoup Stoup Brewing, Georgetown Brewing, Port Brewing, Ecliptic Brewing, Unibroue, Kulshan Brewing, GoodLife Brewing, 21st Amendment Brewing, Barley Browns Brewing, and many others.