Beer Church Holiday Ale #5

Beer Church is the philanthropic arm of the Washington Beer Blog. (read our previous posts about Beer Church.) Basically, we organize beer lovers for the sake of charitable giving. For instance, every year we work with some local breweries to produce Beer Church Holiday Ale, a beer to benefit the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America. Because of donations from suppliers and the efforts of the breweries involved, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of the beer are donated to the CCFA.

This marks the 5th year we’ve embarked on this project. Three local breweries are brewing their own, unique version of the same basic beer, with malted barley donated by Great Western Malting and hops donated by Hops Direct. Two Beers Brewing brewed their version on Tuesday, Airways Brewing brewed theirs yesterday, and Stoup Brewing is brewing theirs today.

A portion of the crowd poses with a portion of the food.
A portion of the crowd poses with a portion of the food at Turkey Bowl.

All three beers will be released at the 17th Annual Beer Church Turkey Bowl, an annual bowling party that sees us raise thousands of dollars and at least a ton of food for the West Seattle Food Bank. We will keep you posted about where and when the beer goes on tap elsewhere.

Beer Church Holiday Ale is intended to provide a respite from the big, malty winter beers that dominate the beer scene this time of year. It’s a kinder, gentler winter beer. The only guideline is that it be light-bodied and hoppy. It’s like a tropical vacation in the middle of the cold, dark winter.

Beer Church Turkey Bowl takes place on Saturday, November 21 at West Seattle Bowl. Several teams from local breweries and pubs bowl alongside civilian teams, all to benefit a great cause.

Everyone is welcome to join us at Turkey Bowl to sample the beers and help support the cause. All the lanes are sold out, but you are still welcome to come to the party. In addition to bowling, we’ll also host a target raffle, which is sort of like a silent auction but really more like a raffle. Lots of beer swag up for grabs, along with some other fun stuff. It’s a food drive so bring some non-perishable food. Turkey Bowl is a big, loud raucous party, and some people even bowl.