The Beer Junction poised to open next week

Morgan Herzog has plans this weekend. The owner of the soon-to-be-open Beer Junction in West Seattle will spend the weekend pricing beers and stocking shelves. He hopes to open late next week. Initially, the Beer Junction will have approximately 600 beers from which to choose. That number is expected to creep closer to 1,000 in time.

Morgan Herzog with a mountain of work ahead of him.

The Beer Junction is located at 4707 42nd Ave. SW in the heart of downtown West Seattle. For those who know the neighborhood, it is one block east of Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub—around the corner from the Rocksport Bar and Grill, directly across the street from Jefferson Square.

A resident of West Seattle, Morgan hatched the idea of opening a bottle shop while sampling beers at West Seattle’s Porterhouse Pub. While Full Throttle Bottles in nearby Georgetown is a great shop, Morgan thought that there needed to be a place to buy great beer “on the rock.” West Seattleites agree. Back in March, when the West Seattle Blog announced that a bottle shop was coming to town, the story received more than 60 comments. Morgan is a native of the Seattle area and his father graduated from West Seattle High School. That should help to endear him with West Seattle’s old-school, highly provincial homers.

A few weeks ago we told you about Rick Hewitt and the Emerald City Beer Company. If you recall, Rick is the guy opening a new brewery in the old Rainier Brewery building. Turns out, Morgan knows Rick from grad school at the University of Washington where, I’m told, they spent many hours sitting together in the back rows. While the University of Washington’s Foster School of Business might be teaching bright young men about business, it would seem that it is also teaching them to love beer. Go Dawgs!

We’ll keep you posted about the actual opening date. In the meantime we have some pictures to share.

The sign you can expect to see glowing in the window.

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  1. Nice name. In my neck of the woods we have The Beer Authority. It is a nice shop, and it has expanded to having kegs and pours and growlers, but I hate the name. People who love beer tend to resent authority.

  2. sweet, sounds great. I hope everything is going to be regular price and not a little over like full throttle and others. Cheers to The Beer Junction

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