Beer Lineup for the Schooner Exact Brewing Inauguration Party

This Thursday, January 9 at the Beveridge Place Pub (blog sponsor), Schooner Exact Brewing is taking over the taps. Well, not all of them. Something like 16 of them. For Thursday’s IPA Inauguration, the tap list is impressive.

Hoptoberfest at the Beveridge Place Pub is not simply a month-long celebration of locally brewed IPA, it is also a tournament-style competition to see which beer will be named the house IPA for the coming year. The pub’s patrons vote in a bracket-style election all October and eventually name an IPA champion. It’s a lucrative contract. Supplying the Beveridge Place Pub with a steady stream of house IPA (the one they always have on tap) amounts to something like five kegs per week. Stretch that over a year and you’re talking about a lot of beer. 

There was something very fitting when Schooner Exact Brewing’s 3-Grid IPA took home the title a couple month ago. The Beveridge Place Pub is where Schooner Exact was born. It’s where they had the initial release party in 2007. No doubt, they are very proud to be replacing Georgetown Brewing’s Lucile IPA as the reigning champion.

In addition to 3-Grid IPA, here is the list of Schooner Exact beers you can expect to see on tap Thursday at the Beveridge Place Pub.

Evil Tendencies Triple IPA

Sour Raspberry Wheat

Sour Peach Wheat

Sour Kriek Wheat

Barrel Aged Imperial Porter

Test Batch 34 IPA

2012 Hoppy the Woodsman

2013 Hoppy the Woodsman

King Street Brown

Profanity Hill Porter

Gateway Golden

Gallant Maiden Hefe

West Point Pale

2011 Hoppy Holidays

2012 Hoppy Holidays

2013 Hoppy Holidays


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