best of hands barrelhouse, jack rabbit's palace bottle.

Beer Release – Jack Rabbit’s Palace, oak-aged sour ale from Best of Hands Barrelhouse


Attention sour beer aficionados. Today (June 18) at 3:00 Best of Hands Barrelhouse releases a new oak-aged sour beer. Jack Rabbit’s Palace is described as a foeder-aged, mixed-culture saison fermented on blueberries and sage. Bottles released today, draft version forthcoming. The complete description is the release notice below.

JACK RABBIT’S PALACE – 6.5% ABV Oak Aged Sour Ale

Oak aged sour ale blended with new American oak foeder aged mixed-culture saison, refermented on blueberries & sage. Gorgeous burgundy color with a pillowy white head which dissipates quickly. Blueberry, oak, and leather on the nose with underlying hints of sage. Flavors follow the bouquet with the sage becoming more apparent. Crisp, dry body with hints of vanilla, spice, and restrained brettanomyces funk emerging on the tart and tannic finish.

Draft version is forthcoming. 500ml bottles retail for $13 to-go / $15 in-house