Beer Release – Komrade Imperial IPA, No-Li Brewhouse

No-Li Brewhouse continues to expand its passion for community outreach with a thoughtful eye for brining parties to the table over a NEW Komrade Imperial IPA 22 oz.

Spokane and world beer enthusiasts clamored for Brass Monkey and Copper Donkey, but now it’s time to make way for the new kid on the block.  Introducing, Komrade Imperial IPA, No-Li’s next seasonal rotation packed with diplomacy, 8.1% ABV, 70 IBU’s, and barrage of citrus, fruity and crisp notes. 

“Komrade Imperial IPA is a work horse and true-blue friend that sticks with you through thick and thin.  Even when walls are put up and friendships are tested, Komrade Imperial IPA is the velvet hammer of Imperial IPAs” says Ryan Brookhart, No-Li Duke of Brewing.

Komrade Imperial IPA features Amarillo, El Dorado and Comet hops, layered into a peace offering of delicious celebration!  Raise a pint to great friendships built, tested and endured over time!