Beer Release – Three Sundays Tripel, Black Raven Brewing

Something about the name sounded familiar, but who on earth would name a beer after an obscure, century-old short story? The name of this beer, for some reason unbeknownst to anyone but Black Raven Brewing, references Three Sundays in a Week, a rather bleak, vaguely humorous tale spun by Edgar Allen Poe over 100 years ago. Don’t bother looking it up and reading it; not one of Poe’s best. You’re better off drinking the beer in ignorant bliss.
Black Raven Brewing (them wacky ravens) just announced the pending release of a new beer: Three Sundays Tripel. Oh, them wacky ravens.

From the brewery:

Release date: Wednesday, August 12th @Noon  

Three Sundays in a week you say! How can this at all be possible? Well in the old days of maritime travel, one could accomplish this seemingly impossible scenario. Our Three Sundays is less of a brain teaser and more of a palate pleaser. This new annual release is brewed in the style of a Belgian Tripel and then aged on French and American oak.

Taproom draft and 22oz bottles to go $7.99 + Tax

This will also be distributed locally, look for it in your favorite stores soon.

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