Beer Release – Unicorn Picnic, Aslan Brewing

Here’s some beer release info from Bellingham’s Aslan Brewing.

6.3% ABV // 18 IBU // 1.054 OG
big body + fruity + funky

Big, fruity and funky – that’s what unicorn picnics and this beer have in common. To re-create the epicness of a gathering of unicorns having a picnic we took our Dawn Patrol and fermented it entirely with Brettanomyces Lambicus in red wine barrels for several months.

What came out was a beer like no other. It’s full of tropical fruit notes, has all that wonderful brett-funk on the nose, and leaves behind a light tartness. So raise a glass to all the unicorns in the world and join the picnic!

HOPS: Cascade, Palisade
MALT: 2-Row Pale, C-60, Munich, Rye

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