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Beer Release – Wild Warehouse, Wander Brewing

Timing is everything. I happened to be in Bellingham the last time they released Wild Warehouse. And it was good. Damn good. Well-deserving of all the hoopla a beer gets when it wins a gold medal at the Great American Beer Festival.

Wander Brewing just announced that it is releasing the next iteration of this celebrated brew on Saturday, April 9th. Roadtrip to Bellingham, anyone? Here’s the info straight from the brewery:

Wander Brewing 2016 Wild Warehouse release

We at Wander Brewing are excited to announce the upcoming annual release of our award-winning barrel-aged beer, Wild Warehouse. As one of the many beers from our Barrel Project, Wild Warehouse is available only briefly, until another vintage arrives the following year.

Beginning as a Belgian saison, Wild Warehouse then spends nine months in the care of Chardonnay barrels from the acclaimed Chatter Creek Winery, based out of Woodinville, Washington. These French oak barrels take a beer that we know and love to a different level of complexity: distinct characteristics of this modest saison are transformed and melded, resulting in a delicious, unique combination for the palate.

In 2015, Wild Warehouse proudly came away from the country’s most celebrated beer festival, the Great American Beer Festival, with a gold medal. Wild Warehouse competed in a category with barrel-aged creations from esteemed breweries located around the United States, and was awarded the highest distinction.

This year’s vintage will be available for retail purchase at the brewery beginning this Saturday, April 9th, at 2pm. Customers may buy draft pours for $6.50, or bottles for $16—there will be a 3 bottle limit per person. Bottles will also be subsequently sold at select retail locations in Bellingham and elsewhere.
Our award-winning Wander Barrel Project beers are individual expressions of our brewers’ ingenuity as they blend yeast, bacteria, and a variety of barrels within the confines of our brewery warehouse.

Wander Brewing was founded by Colleen and Chad Kuehl in the spring of 2014. Our mission is to craft beers that balance tradition with innovation; beers that seem familiar but leave a fresh impression of something new. We enjoy maintaining a continuously changing series of ales and lagers, and refuse to compromise on quality or taste as we move from one batch to the next.

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