Beer releases and a rare tour opportunity at Atwood Ales Family Farm Brewery


In addition to announcing the release of three beers, Atwood Ales announces that they’ll host an upcoming tour of the farm and brewery near Blaine, Washington. It’s a rare opportunity and space is limited.  There are three time slots for the tour on Sunday May 20th. Each time slot is limited to 20 people. To sign up, and learn more, visit the website at Advance registration is absolutely mandatory.

Beer Release Notes:

Bowlegged ABV 4.2%
Sour Ale w/ Blueberries 750ml Bottle Conditioned
Pairings: salads, poultry, lighter seafood dishes; goat and blue cheese; fruit compote, cheesecake

This beer is… purple. Brewed with Lactobacillus, Brettanomyces, organic blueberry juice from Bow Hill Blueberries, and aged in oak barrels for four months. The resulting purple beer has mild berry, funk and oak flavors and an approachable level of sourness. Brewed in Whatcom County with 100% estate hops, 100% Skagit Valley malt and 100% Skagit Valley blueberries.

Brownton Morning ABV 7.1%
Brown Ale w/ Coffee 500ml Bottle Conditioned
Pairings: BBQ shrimp with smoked cheddar polenta; Flourless chocolate Torte with dark fruit compote; Salted caramels

Is it the beer, or is it the coffee? That is the question. A big, balanced, brown ale with roast, toast and caramel flavors from the… malts? Or are they from the coffee? What about the light, fruity notes from the… yeast? Or the coffee? Whatever the case may be, it tastes like a good morning. This beer features cold brewed “Bellingham Bay Blend” from Bellingham Coffee Roasters.

1918 Dubbel Centennial ABV 7.1%
Abbey-style Ale 750ml Bottle Conditioned
Pairings: substantial salads, poultry, richer seafood dishes; very nice with bloomy-rind soft cheeses

Our family farmhouse was built in 1918. This beer marks our 100th batch, brewed in March of 2018. To celebrate the “hundreds” of accomplishments of both our farmhouse and our brewhouse, we brewed this “dubbel centennial” abbey-style ale, using Belgian and Skagit Valley malts, our estate-grown Centennial hops and a fresh pitch of Trappist ale yeast. 1918 is a malt-forward beer with dark fruit and caramel notes, light fruity esters and phenols, and a light, dry finish. Cheers to another 100 years and another 100 beers!

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