Beer Releases – Reuben’s Brews 3 Ryes Men Barleywine and Chocolate Box Stout


On Saturday, December 15th Reuben’s Brews releases this year’s vintage of Three Ryes Men (see what they did there), a 12.2 percent ABV Barleywine. They’ll also release the first beer in a new series of barrel-aged stouts: Chocolate Box Hazelnut Praline.

Here’s the release announcement from the brewery:

We’ve been saving some of the best for last! This Saturday will be the last big release of the year, with this year’s vintage of Three Ryes Men and the first beer in a forthcoming series of barrel-aged stouts: Chocolate Box: Hazelnut Praline.

This year’s Three Ryes Men is a 12.2% barleywine brewed with three kinds of rye, aged in a blend of bourbon barrels. It is a rich, spicy, and decadent beer with notes of cherry, chocolate and caramel perfect for the winter season. The 2017 vintage won Gold in the barleywine category at the North American Brewing Awards earlier this year.

Chocolate Box: Hazelnut Praline is the first in a series of barrel-aged beers designed around the theme of a British Cadbury Chocolate Box. This truffle of a beer was aged on hazelnuts, cocoa nibs, and whole vanilla beans after aging in bourbon barrels for almost a year. This is a 14% beer bursting with rich milk chocolate and hazelnut, with a silky, rich body. It is a treat.

Both beers are small batch releases and will be available in limited amounts in 22oz bottles at 11am on Saturday, as well as on tap. Limits will be announced later this week.