Beer Town Showdown: Seattle vs. San Diego

The Washington Beer Blog and the Beveridge Place Pub (blog sponsor) teamed up with some friends from San Diego ( to present a very special tasting event. It’s a showdown between two of the west coast’s best beer cities: Seattle vs. San Diego. And you are the judge.

Join us at the Beveridge Place Pub on Saturday, June 9 at 3:00 p.m. and help us determine which city reigns supreme in a blind tasting showdown. Not only will you get to taste some great beer, but you will also have a chance to win some valuable prizes.

Getting to drink this great selection of beer is its own reward; however, as an added bonus you just might take home some beer or one of our other great prizes. We will give away some uncommon offerings from San Diego breweries—stuff you will not find on the shelf at your local bottleshop. We will also give away a pair of tickets to the Washington Brewers Festival, a pair of tickets to the Seattle International Beer Festival, and some beer swag.

Eric Barajas, President of BeerNerdz, is coming up from San Diego to join us for the event. In short, Eric is a San Diego beer expert. BeerNerdz regularly hosts tasting events that help introduce people to, and increase their appreciation of, the San Diego beer scene. Since this game takes place on our home turf, Eric will represent San Diego and make sure there is no funny business.

The Showdown

You will get a tray of beer and a ballot. Taste the beers, vote for your favorites. It’s just that simple.

Representing Seattle: Georgetown Brewing, Schooner Exact Brewing, Big Al Brewing, and Elysian Brewing.

Representing San Diego: Port Brewing, Green Flash Brewing, Stone Brewing, and Lost Abbey Brewing.

The categories: IPA, Imperial IPA, Smoked Porter, and “other.”

Beveridge Place Pub
Saturday, June 9
3:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Tasting tray of all eight beers, $24 (includes some light snacks to further amuse your palate).


First off, because it sounded like a great excuse to drink some great west coast beers. Beyond that, I am an unapologetic homer when it comes to beer. While I freely acknowledge that many other cities and regions across the USA brew some damn fine beers, I often think that Washington beer drinkers shun our local breweries and embrace out-of-state breweries because of what I describe as “the grass is always greener effect.” It is time to put Seattle beers to the test. The beers coming from San Diego for this event are remarkable. Let’s see if our local brews can stand up to the challenge.



  1. holy shit, with those breweries competing it’s gonna be a bloodbath. i guess seattle didn’t get it’s ass kicked enough last time at elysian.

  2. Wow, that’s some tough competition from San Diego. Good luck to the Seattle breweries. They will need it. 🙂

  3. Seattle should have gone with Black Raven, Naked City, Diamond Knot, and Fremont. The SD group is pretty strong though; if they would have swapped out Lost Abbey for Ballast Point it WOULD have been a bloodbath. But all good.

  4. Ballast Point is not (legally) distributed in Washington. For us to serve beer from breweries like Ballast Point, Alpine, and Alesmith would be a crime. If we were to advertise that we had secured beer from breweries that are not legally distributed in Washington, that would be very foolish of us. ’nuff said?

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