BeerAdvocate and Untappd now united by common, corporate ownership


Next Glass Inc., the software company that operates the popular beer-focused mobile app Untappd, has acquired BeerAdvocate. For more than 20 years BeerAdvocate was the leader in building a community of craft beer lovers, both offline and online. For a long time, it seemed their only rival was RateBeer. Thus far, BeerAdvocate was owned and operated by Jason and Todd Alström, who founded the company in 1996. This moment in the life of BeerAdvocate is yet another reminder that the world of craft beer is evolving.

Untappd is an uber-popular app in the world of beer, to be sure, but BeerAdvocate has thus far remained, a different kind of animal. On, beers are not just rated with a numerical score, but the reviews/ratings seem to have more thought behind them. More meaning and depth. Untappd, in my opinion, seems more like a race to check-in to the most beers, though I recognized that many users, like me, use it for their own purposes and in their own way. I see a lot of people checking into beers on Untappd with a flight of 4-oz samples in front of them, checking into each beer after just a couple sips, which is not at all what I imagine a BeerAdvocate user doing. Maybe I am naive. Maybe, old fashioned.

It’s not like they haven’t tried to evolve into a different kind of animal. BeerAdvocate has attempted to get in the “beer app” game more than once. As far as I can remember they’ve tried to do it twice over the years.

So what happens to next? All we know is what the new owners tell us. Ultimately, the future holds the answer.

Here is the press release.

Next Glass Acquires Assets of BeerAdvocate

Plans financial investment to fuel improvements and growth of the popular beer rating platform beloved by beer enthusiasts

Wilmington, NC, February 24, 2020 –  Next Glass, the company building software tools for beer enthusiasts, breweries, and bars, restaurants, and retailers focused on the craft segment, has announced it has acquired certain assets of BeerAdvocate, including the popular website, an independent online community of enthusiasts and professionals dedicated to supporting and promoting better beer.

Since its inception in 1996, has grown into the largest and most diverse beer community online, and is considered one of the go-to websites for beer and the benchmark for beer reviews and ratings. Next Glass understands BeerAdvocate’s place in the craft beer community as the longest standing forum for in-depth beer reviews with a unique and passionate community. While there are plans to invest in new features and team members to benefit the BeerAdvocate community, the content in BeerAdvocate user profiles, forums, and beer pages will remain unaltered. BeerAdvocate will join Untappd under the Next Glass corporate umbrella; however, both will maintain their own distinct and separate platforms and brands for current and future users to enjoy.

“Communities like BeerAdvocate and Untappd are important pillars of the brewing industry and deserve good stewardship,” said Trace Smith, President of Next Glass. “We’ve demonstrated an appreciation for the integrity of these platforms and the importance of the vision of founders. We’ve worked hand-in-hand with Untappd Founder Greg Avola over the last five years to improve the Untappd user experience, and we’ll do the same with BeerAdvocate to ensure the brand remains true to its long-held central tenet – Respect Beer.”

“I’m confident that this is the best path for all of us. Next Glass is committed to not only helping BeerAdvocate, but passionate about protecting and cultivating our unique culture, identity, and community,” said Todd Alström, Founder of BeerAdvocate. “I’m excited for the future and look forward to working with my new coworkers in taking BeerAdvocate to the next level.”

With this acquisition, users of BeerAdvocate will be able to look forward to near-term improvements and advancements of the website and more BeerAdvocate festivals where beer enthusiasts can sample, socialize, and learn more about beer while directly supporting the industry.

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About Next Glass

Founded in 2013, Next Glass develops software and creates experiences that connect enthusiasts, retailers, and producers in the beverage alcohol industry.  Its award-winning Untappd mobile application is used by millions of beer enthusiasts around the world and its menu publishing software tool, Untappd for Business, enables bars, restaurants, and breweries to streamline publication of their beer menus.