Beers at the Ballpark – What to Expect at Safeco Field This Year

This evening we celebrate the Seattle Mariners home opener. This is good news for those of us with a passion for America’s pastime. Sometimes finding good beer at the ballpark can be challenging. We want to help. Below we have a list of the craft beers you will find on tap at Safeco Field along with a bit of information about exactly where you can find them.

Going out to the ballpark this weekend? Bookmark this page on your phone. Use the comments section to share information about where and what you find. Or tweet using #marinersbeer.

Next week I hope to have more detailed information for you about Safeco Field’s approach to ballpark beers. Over the last few years I have noticed things getting better at the ballpark. The other night I was talking to John Tufano of Odom Corporation (a local beer distribution company) about beer at the ballpark. Safeco Field is one of his accounts and he tells me that it worked hard over the years to convince the ballpark to include more craft options. He says that starting to get better and the concessionaires are at last starting to recognize the value of providing more craft beer choices at the ballpark.

The Mariners and other sources tell me that this year there will be more craft beer on tap, and in more places around the ballpark, than any year previous. I will reserve final judgment until I actually get in the stadium and see for myself.

In addition to the draft beer listed below, the Hit it Here Cafe has 24 beers in bottles. Last year the Cafe had 51 beers in bottles. Honestly, that’s probably not a sustainable number of beers for a ballpark.

Without having all of the details, here is what we know. This information (the list of beer by section) came from Odom so it focuses on the beers they distribute. We do not intend for this be the comprehensive list of where to find good beer at the ballpark. We’re just trying to steer you in the right direction. More information is coming.

  • Section 121 Short Stop Beer Cart
  • Section 134 Short Stop Beer Cart
  • Section 136 Good Hops
  • Section 185 Good Hops (Fremont Universale and Big Sky Moose Drool)
  • Section 223 Club Level (Diamond Knot IPA and Fremont Universale Pale)
  • Section 244 Club Level (Diamond Knot IPA and Fremont Universale Pale)
  • Section 248 Good Hops (Big Sky Moose Drool and Skagit River Scullers IPA)
  • Section 319 Good Hops (Dick’s Danger and Diamond Knot IPA)
  • Hit it Here Cafe (Big Sky Moose Drool and Skagit River Scullers IPA)

Here is the comprehensive draft beer list for Safeco Field as provided by the Mariners. In some instances, we only know the brewery and not the exact beer. Of course, in addition to the beers listed below, you will also find the usual suspects (Bud, Miller, Coors, Blue Moon, Stella, etc).

  • Alaskan Amber
  • Alaskan Pale
  • Alaskan Summer
  • Big Sky Moose Drool
  • Boulevard Unfiltered Wheat
  • Bridgeport IPA
  • Deschutes Mirror Pond
  • Diamond Knot ESB
  • Diamond Knot IPA
  • Dick’s Brewing, Dick Danger Ale
  • Elysian Brewing
  • Firestone Walker Brewing
  • Fremont IPA
  • Fremont Universal Pale
  • Full Sail Amber
  • Harmon ESB
  • Harmon IP
  • Leinenkugel (not sure which)
  • Mac & Jack (probably African Amber)
  • Manny’s Pale Ale
  • New Belgian Fat Tire
  • Ninkasi Brewing
  • Pyramid Hefeweizen
  • Pyramid IPA
  • Pyramid Seasonal
  • Red Hook ESB
  • Red Hook IPA
  • Red Hook Pilsner
  • Sierra Nevada Pale
  • Sierra Nevada Summer
  • Skagit Scullers IPA
  • Snoqulamie Falls Brewing
  • Widmer Drop Top


  1. Man, thanks for this! Crazy, was just trying to find something like this before tonight’s home opener when this popped up in my twitter feed.

    Sure wish I knew what the snoqualmie was…if it were Wildcat, it’d make my season. But, it’s probably not.

    Oh well, having a Diamond Knot sure will beat the $9 coors I had at a Blazers game down in Portland a few weeks ago.

  2. Got to say, I’m already very impressed with Safeco’s approach to craft beer. I was there last year and had a very positive experience – when I pointed out to a a server at one of the craft beer stations that the beer I currently had was not my favourite (but half drunk ,and not actually that bad), he exchanged it for a brand new different one, no charge and a big smile…

  3. We are soooooo lucky to have so many craft beer choices at Safeco. Yes, it’s not a $4 pint but hey – I go for the experience, my veggie hot dog, and to watch the M’s play ball! I caught the flu so I have to sit out from tonight’s game I had tickets for, but I’m so glad the season is here and look forward to cracking open peanuts, sipping on a fresh local beer, and watching baseball. My oh my!

  4. Just spotted on Facebook:
    Elysian Brewing: Going to Mariner’s Opening Day tonight? You can find Elysian Mens Room and Immortal IPA Draft at The Diamond Club Good Hops Main Level
    The Portables at Sections 108 & 114
    The Portables at Sections 321 & 341

  5. Also just spotted on Facebook:
    Diamond Knot Brewery and Alehouse: Heading to the Mariners home opener tonight? Craving a Diamond Knot? Now you can enjoy both, America’s past time and your favorite craft beer! Check out us out at Section 223, 244 Club Level & Section 319 Good Hops

  6. m’s fan: The Snoqualmie has traditionally been the Grand Slam Amber, otherwise known as the PGA

  7. Yeah I’ve been loving the best kept secret that is the Hit It Here bar for years. Last year it was Area 51 with 51 different beers – the year before and for as long as I can remember it was “99 Bottles” – you guessed it, 99 beers avail. Those were the days! Hope they don’t trim down any further! Their Oktoberfest is a great time, look out for that at seasons end.

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