Beveridge Place Pub Announces the Elite 8

We’ve told you about the annual Hoptoberfest challenge at Beveridge Place Pub (blog sponsor). It is an elimination-style tournament of Washington-brewed IPAs. If you are not familiar with Hoptoberfest, read our previous post. The preliminaries (nominations) are finished and today Beveridge Place Pub announced the elite eight. Pub patrons cast no more than one ballot per day for their favorite IPA. This is how Beveridge Place Pub selects its house IPA. The Hoptoberfest winner will be the regular, always-on-tap IPA for the pub next year. Head on down to the pub and let your voice be heard.

Next up, the finals. For now, here is the Elite 8 IPAs:

  1. American Brewing – Breakaway IPA
  2. Black Raven Brewing – Trickster IPA
  3. Boundary Bay Brewing – IPA
  4. Fremont Brewing – Interurban IPA
  5. Georgetown Brewing – Lucile IPA (reigning champ)
  6. Port Townsend – Hop Diggidy IPA
  7. Schooner Exact Brewing – 3 Grid IPA
  8. Two Beers Brewing – Evo IPA

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