Beveridge Place Pub Celebrates 10 Years with 10 Beers & More

Regular readers of this blog know that The Bev is my home turf. I┬áso clearly remember the madness of that night when Schooner Exact Brewing had it’s initial release party in 2007. I recall great events like Iron Brewer, Catsino, Seattle Cask-O-Rama, IPA Cask-O-Rama, and a number of really ridiculous, epic Georgetown Brewing parties of various types (some planned and some impromptu). And who could forget the time Black Raven Brewing showed up in gorilla costumes and tossed bananas around the room?

The Beveridge Place Pub is a place where I have celebrated with irrational exuberance and mourned with unbearable sorrow, laughed with friends and screamed at televisions. It is sweet, sweet serendipity that the pub opened for business at just about the exact same moment in time that I met the woman who would become my wife.

The Beveridge Place Pub (blog sponsor) celebrates its ten year anniversary Thursday, October 24 through Saturday, October 26.

It’s seems like only yesterday that a typical West Seattle tavern was transformed into the Beveridge Place Pub, one of the best beer bars in the Western United States. Has it really been ten years? Yes, it has. To commemorate the occasion, The Beveridge Place Pub brew crew brewed up ten different batches of beer with ten different Seattle breweries. The official celebration, including the tapping of the ten beers, begins this Thursday, October 24. But that aint all. More details about this three-day celebration below.

The Ten Beer Anniversary includes the following special creations.

  • Big Al Brewing – Anything Gose
  • Big Time Brewing – Lollipop Weizenbock
  • Elysian Brewing – Oak Smoke Rauchbier
  • Georgetown Brewing (blog sponsor) – Lucy2 IPA
  • Hales Ale Brewery – Knight Ryeder Dark Rye IPA
  • Naked City Brewing – TENacity Scotch
  • Odin Brewing – SouthParkambic Barrel-aged Sour
  • Pike Brewing – Red Moon Harvest
  • Schooner Exact Brewing – Triple IPA
  • Two Beers Brewing (blog sponsor) – Black Forest Gin Porter


Tapping into some special kegs:

  • Black Raven Great Grandfather Raven (barrel-aged imperial stout)
  • Fremont ALS Wheatwine
  • Triplehorn Barrel-aged Mystic (belgian dark)

A special toast at 5:00, with a double magnum of Stone Double Bastard.

Another special toast at 8:00, this time with a 6 liter bottle of La Fin du Monde.


More special tappings.

  • DeDolle Arabier from Belgium
  • Propolis Fructus from Port Townsend
  • A special brew brought up from Portland’s Breakside Brewing


More good beer (& cider) on tap including:

  • Two Beers Switchback Barrel-aged Imperial Stout
  • Scuttlebutt Ming the Merciless Imperial IPA
  • Castanon Spanish Farmhouse Cider!