Beveridge Place Pub down to the final 3

Each year the Beveridge Place Pub celebrates Hoptoberfest. Part of the month-long celebration of hoppy madness is the crowning of the next year’s house IPA. This is the IPA that will always be on tap at the Bev. It’s sort of like the NCAA basketball tournament, but without the basketballs or the office pools. It’s an elimination thing. Read all about Hoptoberfest here.

We are down to the final three. Over the past few weeks, votes cast by the Beveridge Place Pub’s patrons have determined the final contestants: Black Raven Trickster IPA, Harmon Point Defiance IPA, and Boundary Bay IPA.

Stop by the Beveridge Place Pub and cast your ballot before the voting closes on November 3rd.

Of course, it’s going to take a herculean effort to overthrow the reigning champ, Boundary Bay IPA, but maybe this will be the year. I don’t recall how many years in a row Boundary Bay IPA has won. In fact, Boundary Bay IPA might be the only IPA that has ever been crowned champion. Whatever the case, the Beveridge Place Pub’s regulars are divided between those who never want to see Boundary Bay unseated and those who dream of the glorious day when Goliath falls.

How will it all pan out this year? We will see. Get to the pub. Cast your ballot.

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