Big Beery Changes at Tom Douglas’ SLU Locations

Last night Tom Douglas restaurants quietly introduced the newly expanded Serious Pie and Biscuit location at the corner of Westlake Avenue and Harrison Street in Seattle’s South Lake Union neighborhood. Of course, we were there. The big change here is the addition of a lot of beer. South Lake Union now has another beer destination. This one, just a block and half up the street from The Wurst Place.

In all, there are 24 taps, at least 18 of which will be dedicated to beer. (They’ll also have draft cider and draft cocktails.) Also, they’ve added an an impressive bottle list that was carefully designed by Kayle Thompson, Tom Douglas Restaurants’ current Beer Czar.

Kayle explained that the beer menu at Serious Pie and Biscuit was purposely chosen to pair well with the restaurant’s food. In other words, beers that go well with Italian-inspired food. The bottle menu even includes Panil Divina, a spontaneously fermented sour beer from Italy (which we’ve never had, but we hear great things). Kayle doesn’t expect to sell much of it because it is very expensive ($30), but she thought it would be a novel offering, something cool and delicious for the wild at heart. The rest of the bottle list is much more accessible.

Serious Pie and Serious Biscuit is essentially the same as it ever were was but has now taken over the space that was once a wine shop. The space, once walled-off, has been opened to lend the impression that this is one big space.

While there, we also learned a couple of other interesting things. First, Tom Douglas Restaurants has added taps at Trattoria Cuoco, the upscale Italian restaurant below Brave Horse Tavern. Also, more draft options were recently added at Serious Pie downtown. In general, the company has learned from the success of Brave Horse and now fully embraces the reality that the hordes of urban hipster and tech workers haunting the SLU love beer. And, they’re recognizing how well craft beer pairs with its food.

Another bit of news, Kayle Thompson is leaving Tom Douglas Restaurants in a couple of weeks to go to work for Urban Family Distributing. Among other beers, they sell beers from Shelton Brothers, the Boston-based beer importers who bring you magnificent beers like Mikkeller, Cantillon, Nøgne Ø, and many others. Kayle will be working here in the Seattle market, so we’ll still see her around. No word yet on who will replace Kayle as Tom Douglas’ beer guru.

Serious Pie and Biscuit
401 Westlake Ave N
Seattle, WA 98109 ‎




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