A big change at Chuckanut

Time flies when your having good beer so it is hard to believe that it has already been nearly a year and a half since Chuckanut Brewery and Kitchen opened in Bellingham.  Today, Chuckanut announced the departure of one brewer and the arrival of another. Josh Pfriem is moving on to a position with Full Sail and is relocating the family to Oregon. He will be replaced by Kevin Davey – a Seattle-area homebrewer who has studied brewing at Chicago’s Siebel Institute and at Germany’s Doemen’s Institute, where he specialized in German styles.

Farewell to Josh and welcome to Kevin. Here’s the official word from Chuckanut:

Chuckanut Brewery will be saying goodbye to Josh and Annie as they move on to Oregon where Josh will be taking a position brewing with Full Sail Beer after Nov. 20. It’s an opportunity they can’t miss. He will be groomed for a management position in a great Oregon brewery. Josh and Annie have been a huge part of Chuckanut and we’ll sorely miss their never ending source of energy and positive attitude!! Not to mention their sense of humor, adventure, and creativity. We wish them and their entire family the best of everything and hope to visit with them as we all move into the future. We’ll also miss little Miss Sahale as she too brought much joy to our little brewery & kitchen.

As Josh moves on we will have Kevin Davey move in. He will be moving up from the Seattle area where he is a full time home brewer, plumber, and beer lover. He has studied brewing science at Chicago’s Siebel Institute and at Germany’s Doemen’s Institute (specializing in German style beers) in Munich. We are excited to have him join us in our brewing world especially knowing he’ll be able to help Will with our plumbing as we grow and in his scientific knowledge of the art of brewing. He’s brewed in Seattle with Big Al and was asked to join that brewery.  He’s very excited to become part of the brew team at Chuckanut and we’re happy to have him.