Big news from Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery – first bottle release

Flying Bike Brewery announced today its plan to release the brewery’s first bottled product: Razryadka. They describe it as a careful blend of two distinct and different styles of beer. Bottles will be available to members on March 22nd and 23rd, and to the public thereafter.

According to the brewery, when they leave brewer Kevin Forhan to his own devices, the artist emerges. For example, the curious coalescence of this recipe: “A cautious blend of our Cascadian Dark Ale and Russian Imperial Stout, aged separately for three months in Woodinville Whiskey Rye Barrels.”

About the Name

Essentially, Razryadka means “chill out and relax.” During the cold war, Razryadka was a word used by Leonid Brezhnev, the General Secretary of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, who ruled the country from 1964 until his death in 1982. Basically, it’s the Russian equivalent of the term d’tente, which refers to the easing of tension and strained relations, especially in a political environment.

The USA and the USSR deciding not to push the button and blow up the entire planet was an exercise in d’tente/razryadka.

Get it? The name is all about Russian Imperial Stout and Cascadian Dark Ale learning to get along, making it a beer designed to help you relax and ease the tension of a troubled day.

flyingbike-razyrad-sm-8596About the Beer

“After their three-month separation, the roasted flavors of the Stout ease gracefully into the Cascadian hops resulting in a well-balanced ale that will metaphorically meet you on the deep exhale of a long day,” says the brewery.

“Guaranteed to bottle condition beautifully, the Razryadka is also delicious enjoyed the moment the bottle is acquired. Deep, dark licorice notes pair with the aged booziness of a mellowing Rye Whiskey Barrel. At some point in history, this beer could have been a cure for what ails you. For now, we’ll declare it the best cure-all for a stressful day. Kick your feet up, take a sip, and release the tension.”

Bottles will be sold for $15.

The label was created by resident artist, Kyle Krauskopf and beertender/graphic designer, Tess Dokus. Kyle Krauskopf:

Razyryadka Bottle Release

Facebook event page:

For members, Tuesday, March 22nd and Wednesday, March 23rd from 3:00 to 10:00.
For the public, starting on Thursday, March 24th, while supplies last.

About Flying Bike

Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery is a member owned cooperative opening a brewery located in the Greenwood Neighborhood, 8750 Greenwood Ave N, featuring member beer recipes and the creations and expertise of Kevin Forhan. Currently the Coop has 1657 members.

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