Big Night for Georgetown & the Beveridge Place. Space Junk Not Welcome

Tomorrow night (Thursday, Jan. 5th) is a big night in West Seattle as the Beveridge Place Pub (blog sponsor) officially inaugurates the new house IPA for 2012. Each October the Beveridge Place hosts the Hoptoberfest tournament and permits its patrons to select the house IPA: the IPA that will always be on tap at the pub. The people have spoken and the winner for 2012 is Lucille IPA by Georgetown Brewing.

Join the Beveridge Place Pub at 7:00 p.m. Thursday, along with a whole bunch of representatives from Georgetown Brewing, as they ring in the new year by tapping the complete lineup of Georgetown beers, including a cask of Lucy. Likely, you can expect some other hoopla as well. Georgetown Brewing and the Beveridge Place Pub have always enjoyed a very special relationship, so you can expect this to be a rip-roaring good time.

We hear that the entire Georgetown Brewing staff will be at the event. I have a problem with that. What if a giant piece of space junk hits the Beveridge Place Pub tomorrow night? Oh the humanity! We will just have to pray that nothing catastrophic befalls the Bev tomorrow night.

Maybe Roger and Manny should never be allowed to be in the same place at once? Just sayin’.

From Georgetown Brewing:

November brought some of the year’s best news for us:  Lucille won the people’s vote to become the House IPA at Beveridge Place Pub for 2012. Well, even if you missed that announcement, your chance to make up for it is here as we officially kick off the Year of Lucille.  That’s right… that shiny little green and yellow tap handle will be up every day you walk into BPP this calendar year, but it’s not everyday that our whole staff will be there to share one with you.  Or that there will be a full line-up of our brews plus a Lucy cask.  Of course, there’s a good chance Reid will be there everyday, so there’s no rush on tomorrow for you if he’s really the only one you’re wanting to see.  Hopefully you want to see the rest of us, too.  No offense to Reid.

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