Black Friday means black beer, and other beery stuff all weekend


Black Friday makes me a little nauseous. It is one of the very few things that makes me ashamed to be an American. The way the advertising industry has turned the season of giving into a blood sport gives me a headache in my eye. This year, leave all that behind. Go drink some beer instead.

Today there are nearly 7,000 breweries in America, the vast majority of which are small, independent businesses. Our nation’s breweries make me very proud to be American because, unlike Black Friday, they reflect the best things about America: our entrepreneurial spirit, our work ethic, our creativity, and our sense of community. So, this weekend I encourage you to skip the retail insanity and go drink some beer instead.

Black Beer Friday at the Pine Box in Seattle. Draft list specially dedicated to a selection of dark and delicious beers. Some really good ones.

Fremont B-Bomb Release day at the Urban Beer Garden. The Yeti is ready for B-BombFriday. Bottles and draft available starting at 11am. Three infusions tapped at 5pm.

Coffee Beer & Donuts at Lowercase Brewing. Because you were too full for dessert on Thanksgiving, stop by Lowercase and enjoy a coffee beer alongside a tasty donut.

Black Friday = Black Beer at Populux Brewing. They’re releasing a couple of special, very dark beers. One brewed with a local coffee company and the other one a Mexican chocolate stout.

Saturday is Stout Day at Middleton Brewing in Everett. They are going tap into some new beers and some returning favorites. All of the dark ale variety.

Latona/Toronado Food Drive + Trading Spaces – On Saturday two of Seattle’s great beer bars are teaming up to raise money for FamilyWorks, a local non-profit that has operated a food bank and family resource center since 1995. The Latona Pub and Toronado are friendly neighbors that share a passion for beer. Along with a bunch of great stuf from Breakside Brewing, they’re doing a bartender swap too. Bring some canned food, save some money on your beer.

What else is happening this weekend. Use the comments below to share what you know.



  1. Beer Junction is having our 4th Annual Coffee Beer Fest- 27 different ones to start, including ones from Great Notion, Structures, Fremont, Georgetown, Holy Mountain, Modern Times, Old Schoolhouse, AleSmith, and more!

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