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Black Raven Announces Expansion Plans

We’ve been keeping something under our hat, waiting for Black Raven Brewing to make an official announcement with details. Everybody knows that Black Raven Brewing needs to increase output if it hopes to meet demand for its beer. No secret. Many people also know that the brewery has been working on expansion plans for a long time, carefully considering its options. No secret. But where? When? What would that expansion look like? Today, Beaux made an announcement, so at last the cat is out of the bag.

Beaux Bowman and the Black Raven team deserve a lot of credit for focusing on “do it right” instead of “do it right now.” Black Raven is expanding. Not moving, but expanding. Taking over more space in the current location. In the end, this will more than double Black Raven’s brewing potential.

Beaux also used this opportunity to introduce Tom Mace, who recently joined the Black Raven team. Congratulations Tom!

Here is the word straight from Beaux:

WA Craft beer friends,

As many of you know, we have been working on various expansion plans for the last 1.5 years. Each of these potential new projects fell through for various reasons outside of our control. As of today, we have leased additional space in our current facility and will be expanding our production capacity over the next 12 months. Black Raven is currently limited to about 2500 BBL/year capacity and this new expansion will allow us to reach upwards of 7000 BBL/year. For the last 1.5 years, the brewery has not been able to add new accounts (bars and restaurants) due to overwhelming demand and lack of available beer. Our brewery has been producing at 100% capacity since opening in 2009. Each year has brought expansion of capacity but demand has continued to outpace supply. By the end of 2013, we expect to be able to finally clear our waiting list of new accounts.

We are also pleased to introduce Tom Mace as our newest member of the flock. Tom has accepted the newly created position of brewery production manager and brings years of experience from his former employer, Redhook Brewery in Woodinville.

Black Raven has been under constant pressure to expand, thank you for that! Expansion for us comes slowly because we believe we are in a “marathon and not a sprint”. Our slow, measured approach allows us to keep the quality of our beer high while still expanding the reach of the brewery. Look for more frequent seasonal releases in 2013, more specialty bottle products, new beers and more fun. Oh yeah, and don’t worry, we ain’t gonna git too big fer our britches!

Thank you for your support of all things raven and Washington,

Beaux Bowman
Owner/Head Brewer
Black Raven Brewing
Redmond, WA


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  1. Way exciting. Always fun to introduce friends to WA state’s finest…more capacity can only be a good thing. Black Raven team has carefully expanded its taproom space and experimented with new products. More space means more fun!!

  2. Fabulous news. They have just the right business philosophy. My Wednesday evening happy hour spot too so good that things are growing in a controlled manner!

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