Black Raven Flock Party – This Saturday!

The annual Black Raven Flock Party is this Saturday, May 4th, from noon til 8:00 at the brewery in Redmond. They take over the entire parking lot for this event. It’s really something to see. In case you’ve never been, this is one of the best beer events of the year. It is an anniversary party cleverly disguised as a beer festival.

There are a couple reasons to get there early. First, shorter lines for beer. Second, some of the best stuff will go quick. Third, my band plays first. I guess that’s three things. Not good at math. Check out the website for event details.

Not just beer and food, but great music too. My band, Four on the Floor, opens the show. We’ll hit the stage promptly at 12:45 and play your favorite classic rock hits for about an hour and a half, at which point they will drag us off the stage kicking and screaming. The other acts on the bill are Georgetown Orbits, C-Leb & the Kettle Black, and Dirty Pots.


Talk about showoffs? Check out the list of beers Black Raven will be pouring this Saturday.

Sunthief Kristallweizen
Totem Pale Ale
Trickster IPA
Tamerlane Brown Porter
Second Sight Strong Scotch
Morrighan Nitro Stout
Wisdom Seeker Double IPA
Old Birdbrain 2012 Barleywine
2012 Wheatwine
Nothing but Flowers SIPA
White Raven Wit
Tri-berry Pie
Sour Cherry Scotch
2013 Possum Claus
2013 Feral Saison
Gunpowder Plot Nitro Stout
Kitty Kat Blues Nitro Pale
2012 Bourbon La Petite Mort
2012 Sort Sol
2012 Pour Les Oiseaux Saison
2012 Grandfather Raven Imperial Stout

CASK – La Petite Mort with toasted pecans, vanilla black tea, figs, maple syrup and coffee
CASK – Bourbon Oaked Jerk Scotch Ale
CASK – Hefeweizen with lemongrass, szandria berries, rose & cloves
CASK – Bourbon soaked oak blend of Old Birdbrain & Ravenous Imperial Stout


Along with the great beer, they’ve got food. They’ll be firing up the Black Raven Grill and serving bratwurst. Also, Where Ya At Matt, one of Seattle’s top food trucks, will be onsite serving their delicious southern-inspired grub.

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