bottleshop collaboration project releases new beer, brewed by De Garde Brewing

Bottleshop Collaboration Project introduces new beer, brewed with De Garde Brewing


For the past three years, the Bottleshop Collaboration Project has created some outstanding beers. The original plan, introduced back in March of 2017, was to bring eleven of Western Washington’s top beer retailers together to create exclusive beers with some of the region’s best breweries. The latest beer in the series was just released and it sounds like something special brewed with one of Oregon’s most-esteemed breweries, Tillamook’s De Garde Brewing.

Here’s the announcement from The Beer Junction, which is one of the bottleshops involved in the project.

We’re excited to release our next beer with the Bottleshop Collaboration Project, a partnership between 11 independent Washington bottle shops.

In January 2019, members of the BCP drove down to @degardebrewing in Tillamook. Scroll through for a few pictures from that trip. The result was the beer we are releasing at 4 pm today—The Serinier, a spontaneous wild ale aged in oak barrels with Syrah and Viognier Grapes. Limit 2.”

We tried some last night and it is delicious. Thank you De Garde!

Available at Bottleworks, Chuck’s Hop Shop (both locations), Edison City Alehouse, Elizabeth Station, Pint Defiance, Special Brews, Teku Tavern, and of course The Beer Junction.


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