Boundary Bay Brewery, America’s largest independent brewpub


Bellingham’s beloved Boundary Bay Brewery is the largest brewpub in America. According to recent information released by the Brewers Association, the organization that represents America’s independent breweries, Boundary Bay Brewery is the largest independent brewpub in the nation.

The Brewers Association recently released its annual Industry Review, which provides statistics about many different aspects of the beer industry. The report revealed that there are nine brewpubs larger than Boundary Bay (in terms of production volume), but all of those have multiple locations. Thus, Boundary Bay is the largest independent, or single, brewpub in America. A brewpub, as defined by the Brewers Association, is a brewery restaurant with at least 25 percent of beer sales onsite.

At it’s location on Railroad Avenue in Bellingham, Boundary Bay Brewery features a taproom with ten taps and two cask engines, as well as a bistro and outdoor dining including a patio and beer garden.

“In addition to producing award-winning beer, we pride ourselves on our extensive, locally-sourced food menu,” General Manager Janet Lightner says. “We’re thankful to provide a place for our community to bring their family and friends together for a genuine craft beer experience.”

Over the years Boundary Bay Brewery has been ranked as one of the largest brewpub in the Pacific Northwest; and with a yield of 6,147 barrels in 2015, it ranked as the largest individual brewpub.

Boundary Bay Brewery is an independently owned and operated brewpub located in downtown Bellingham. The brew team (Aaron Jacob Smith, Steve Ellison and Bryan Krueger) crafts the beer in the original 17-barrel brewhouse.

“The growth of the craft beer industry over the years inspires us,” owner Ed Bennett says. “When we started in 1995 our goal was to provide our community with high-quality handcrafted beer and great food as a complement. After 21 years our goal remains the same.”


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